Fort Garry MB Church

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Welcome to the Fort Garry Church website!

This site is all about connecting. Connecting you with our immediate church family and our missionaries in many parts of the world. Keeping you up to date on various activities and programs. Connecting with valuable resources.
We hope this site will serve you well. So let us know what works, and anything we might do to make it even more helpful.

Fort Garry MB Gathering Services

9:15 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. 

Special Advent Gatherings
advent gatherings 2014

Sunday School   Click here for more details

See “Bulletin” for more information.

prepare the way no year


1st Advent – November 30
Daily Reading Preparing for Sunday – Week One
Advent Reading Nov 23-29
(copies are also available at the Church Life Centre)


Vision for FGMB Church:

  • Inviting – any and all
  • Being – the faithful church of Christ
  • Sending – at home and around the world